Catio ¾” Netting (by the foot)

Catio outdoor cat enclosure

Catio ¾” Netting (by the foot)

Cats love our nets

Only 39¢ per square ft.

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6 ft10 ft16 ft

A happy space

For you and your cat

A happy space

For you and your cat

Catio outdoor cat enclosure net

Create a bigger catio for less

Our purpose made catio outdoor cat enclosure netting is the easiest and most cost effective way to create a secure space for your cat. Made from highly durable UV stabilized material for long lasting outdoor cat enclosures, it fits any home and will save you a fortune.

  • Simply use zip-ties / nails / clips

  •     or

  • Do a pro-style installation 

  •     or

  • Hire a handyperson to install

Simple install method

You can easily use cable ties to hang your catio netting inside or outside to create a large cat enclosure. This is a fast and easy way to get your catio built. 


Pro-style instructions

For a professional type of finish watch this short video and learn how to DIY install like a pro.

Catio questions

Who can install the Catio netting?

Anybody can install it! Pick the option that works for you:

Simple method - Use cable ties, nails, clips or other hardware to fix the catio netting anywhere in your home. 

Pro-style method - For a professional style finish, you can view the DIY guide here.

Hire a handyperson - Someone who can do the job for you while you sit back & relax. 

Is the catio netting safe for birds?
Absolutely! In fact you will often see birds standing on the outdoor cat enclosure netting!
You may have heard of birds becoming tangled in nets, this tends to be fruit tree nets that are constructed differently and hang loosely over fruit trees causing them to twist & tangle easily. 
The Catio outdoor cat enclosure netting is installed taught & safe.

What animals can I use the netting for?

We recommend that only cats should be kept your catio netting. Dogs and other animals may chew through the netting causing it to become insecure.

Small kittens should always be supervised when they are inside the catio netting to ensure they are safe at all times.


What are the shipping times?

All locations within the U.S are 5 - 10 business days. Other countries may take longer depending on which location. 

You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order is shipped and the delivery company has updated their system.

Transform any space into a Catio paradise

Your cat will love the freedom - You'll love the peace of mind

Transform any space 

into a Catio paradise

Your cat will love the freedom

You'll love the peace of mind

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Anabella B. (United States)
Easy to build

I decided to bulid a frame out of timber, then attached the catio net to it with zip-ties. Piece of cake! We all love spending time in the new cat run!

Lillie-Mai C. (United States)
Great communication

Love the delivery and communication with support
I'll be recommending to friends
Excellent product!

Gail G. (United States)
Fantastic quality

Very strong & durable, but light & easy to work with. Keeps the cats in!

Rafferty N. (United States)
Easy to build

Easy to install and fits our home perfectly

Harriet M. (United States)

Our cats love the freedom!

Antony G. (Canada)
We all use it

I've already recommended it to 2 close friends - they love it too!