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Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
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Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
Pop-up Catio 16 x 10ft
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  • Jumbo 16ft x 10ft x 10ft Catio 
  • Keeps your cat safe + secure
  • Super quick setup & portable
  • Extra strong cat-proof netting
  • UV Treated for a weather-proof finish

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Safe &






Give your cat space, keep your cat protected

Your cat will be so happy with this huge space to hang out and enjoy the outdoor freedom! Ultra quick to set up and easily portable, this catio is perfect for any home to keep your cat safe, secure and happy.

How do I assemble the Pop-up catio?

You don't need any special tools or skills to assemble the pop-up catio, it uses a clever and easy assembly method so you'll have it up in no time! The strong frame means your cat will be secure inside while the netting gives an open feeling, so your cat truly gets the outdoor experience. 
Once the loops have been pulled up you should secure the guide ropes for added stability. 

Is the netting safe for birds?
Absolutely! In fact you will often see wildlife birds standing on the cat net!
Your cat can be safely inside this catio while birds stand on the outside in complete harmony. 

What animals can I use the Pop-up Catio for?

We recommend that only cats should be kept using this catio. Dogs and other animals may chew through the netting causing it to become insecure. Small kittens should always be supervised when they are inside to ensure they are safe at all times.

What are the shipping times?

Our standard time for shipping is 5 - 10 business days within the U.S. Other countries may take longer depending on which location. 

You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped and the delivery company has updated their system.

What are the specifications?

The Pop-up catio is 16ft wide x 10ft long x 10ft tall. 

It's constructed from a fiberglass frame with UV stabalized netting. The netting is cat-proof while giving a sense of openness that cats crave. One end has a zipper for easy access. Cats love this catio! 😺💖🐈

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Musa W. (Sherwood Park, CA)
Will last ages

All the pieces are strong. The netting will keep our cats safe.

Arielle K. (Hartford, US)
Great for our cats

Our cats get to get time outside but still keeping safe so we love it. It's big enough that we can put some chairs in and hang out with them.

Pheobe G. (Hayward, US)
Easy to pu together

It took a little while, but most things do.
Once we had it set up we tried it with our cat.
She is in heavan!

Maksim S. (Bryant, US)
Strong catio

Very sturdy & durable, the frame is really strong so it doesn't feel flimsy like some other products we've used in the past. Receommended!

Karson P. (Chicago, US)
Great for the space

It really fits well in our patio so it's really convenient.

Jaxson D. (Jeffersonville, US)
Glad we got it

We love it and so do our cats. I wasn't sure about the net but it's really strong.