Meow Safe Cat Netting

Catio cat net + cat fence

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Catio Cat Enclosure ¾” Netting (by the foot)
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Catio Cat Enclosure ¾” Netting (by the foot)

Meow Safe Cat Netting

Catio cat net + cat fence

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6 ft10 ft16 ft

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  • Keep your cat safe

The incredibly affordable Catio option!

Cat netting that's strong & durable and perfect for making a cat fence or outdoor cat enclosure. It's the easiest and most cost effective way to create a large secure space for your cat. Made from highly durable UV resistant material for long lasting cat net outdoor cat enclosures, it fits any home and will save you a fortune.

  • Simple DIY install for any home

  • Extra strong & durable material

  • Safety & peace of mind

A happy space

For you and your cat

Option 1:  Simple install

You can easily use cable ties to hang your cat netting inside or outside to create a large cat enclosure. It's super easy to use because you can simply cut it to shape using scissors. 

Option 2:  Advanced install

For a professional type of finish watch this short video and learn how to DIY install catio netting like a pro.


Transform any space into a Catio paradise

Your cat will love the freedom - You'll love the peace of mind

Transform any space 

into a Catio paradise

Your cat will love the freedom

You'll love the peace of mind

What is the netting made from?

The netting is made from Knotted High-Density Polyethylene material. Here are the specifications:
- Low profile / Low visibility netting
- ¾” x ¾” Mesh Size
- Heat-strengthened knots
- Will not fray or unravel when cut to size
- UV Treated & resistant

How do I install the cat netting?

You can install cat netting in any home, how you install depends on what you're attaching it to. 

Most people use something like zip ties, hook-nails, hook-screws or something similar to hang it. 

Once you have secured your cat netting you simply cut it down to the required size and shape. 

For a professional style of install finish, you can view the DIY guide here.

Alternatively you can hire a handyman to hang the cat netting for you.

Is the cat netting safe for birds?
Absolutely! In fact you will often see wildlife birds standing on the cat net!

You may have heard of birds becoming tangled in nets, this tends to be fruit tree nets that are constructed differently and hang loosely over fruit trees causing them to twist & tangle easily.

The catio net is installed taught & safe, so your outdoor cat enclosure is wildlife friendly. 

What animals can I use the cat netting for?

We recommend that only cats should be kept your cat net. Dogs and other animals may chew through the catio netting causing it to become insecure.

Small kittens should always be supervised when they are inside the catio netting to ensure they are safe at all times.

What are the shipping times?

Our standard time for cutting the netting to size and shipping is 5 - 10 business days within the U.S. Other countries may take longer depending on which location. We include FREE shipping for U.S locations for orders over $50!

You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped and the delivery company has updated their system.

Do you offer returns or a warranty?

Yes and yes!


We offer free returns for 30 days from date of delivery/receiving of order. To be eligible for a return:

- Item(s) have to be initiated for return and placed in the post within 30 days of the delivery/receiving of order.

- Item(s) were not marked “Final Sale” or “Non-Returnable” at the time of purchase, unless faulty.

- Item(s) must be in the original packaging, which must be in original condition.

You will be asked to put your photography skills to the test and provide a photo of your item prior to sending it back to us so we can assess the condition. You will receive a refund of the product price not including any postage costs. 


We offer a huge 3 year warranty against ripping or fraying of our cat netting, because it is built to last. 

The netting is built to be weather resistant so you can get many years of use from it. However the warranty doesn't cover any damage or stretching that was caused by putting a large amount of stress or weight on it. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Simon K. (Arlington, US)
Making it work for an apartment patio

My family has two cats, and they were originally feral kittens when we adopted them. We moved to an apartment where they did miss being outdoors, even though they have been converted mostly to indoor cats. The netting was stapled to the top and bottom railings and strung around all sides. One pic shows the downstairs apartment from the road, and you cannot really tell that it is there. The pics with the cats show they do enjoy the patio time in fresh air. The netting is strong enough to where the cats cannot get through, yet small enough to where the cats can see and good air flow. Great product!

Sandy D. (Medina, US)

This fence is invisible to anyone who is not right up to it.
It’s really strong! It has kept unwanted dogs out of my patio area.
My cats are content and safe!

Liran C. (Santa Clara, US)
Amazing for the cats!

They love getting outdoors

Susan W. (Gold Coast, AU)
Our cat LOVES it! 😊

Our cat LOVES it! 😊

Dirk W. (Glendale, US)

Strong and secure

Lesley (Queens, US)
Love this netting!

This cat netting was exactly what I needed to create the catio of my dreams for Charlotte. She is still a bit wary but is coming around. Thanks for such a durable product!

6 ft10 ft16 ft