72" Extra-Tall Cat Gate

Safe + Secure cat proof protection

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Cat Gate

72" Extra-Tall Cat Gate

Safe + Secure cat proof protection


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28 - 47 inches

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Loved by cats everywhere!

  • Suitable for any home

No more closed doors in your house!

Keep your cat safe + secure in an area without closing the door on them. Your cat will enjoy being able to easily see through while you keep them where they are supposed to be!

  • Adjustable width to work with different doorway and hallway sizes for a perfect fit

  • 72" Extra tall height so your cat can't jump over it or get out of the area they are meant to be

  • Low visibility / open feeling means your cat doesn't feel trapped behind bars or a door

  • Extra strong frame made from tough steel so you can rely on durable security

  • Easy install with no tools and no drilling using the simple  compression bar frame

How does it work? Watch the video!

Take a look to see how our extra tall cat gate can help you to keep your cat safe and secure in their own space without closing the door on them.


How do I fit my extra-tall cat gate?

No tools or drilling required! 

It's easy to install your cat gate, simply put up the compressions bars and then fit the pieces together. 

Once installed the side bar slides the netting open and closed easily. 

You can pick which side bar opens & closes the netting depending on your requirements. 

To view the full instructions click here.

Sizing & measurement details?

Being 72" tall means that even escape artists and jumping cats won't get past this cat gate!

It's perfect for doors and hallways that are 28 - 47 inches wide. 

If you have a larger space you need to block please get in touch because we may be able to help!

Can cats climb over the gate or chew through it?
The gate is totally cat proof!
Cats also can't climb the gate because the netting is a different size & shape to screen doors. 
Cats can't chew or scratch their way through the gate netting which is strong and durable. 

Can I use the cat gate for other animals?

We can't guarantee that other the gate is suitable for other animals such as dogs. 

It really depends on the animal you are using it for, but some animals may chew through the netting. 

What are the shipping times for the cat gate?

Our standard time for shipping is 5 - 10 business days within the U.S. Other countries may take longer depending on which location. We include FREE shipping for U.S locations for orders over $50! 

You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped and the delivery company has updated their system.

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