Cat harness instructions

A step by step guide

How to harness train your cat

Your cat will LOVE going outdoors, and it will be amazing for their health!

But you'll need to let your cat take it slowly with one step at a time:

1. Start by introducing your cat to the harness. Let them sniff and investigate the harness before trying to put it on them. A great way to do this is to leave the harness in your cat's bed for a few nights. 

2. Once your cat is comfortable with the harness, place it on the ground and encourage your cat to step into it.

3. Once the cat's front legs are through the harness, lift it up and fasten the clip or buckle on the cat's back.

4. Adjust the straps to ensure a snug, but not tight, fit.

5. Reward your cat with treats or praise for good behavior during the process.

6. Gradually introduce your cat to wearing the harness for short periods of time in the house before going outside.

7. Finally, take your cat outside on a leash attached to the harness, supervising them at all times.

Some cats may take longer to become familiar with a harness and walking outdoors, so it's important to go slow and be patient with your cat throughout the process.

How to leash train your cat

Once your cat is used to wearing a harness you can take the next step for leash training. 

1. Attach the leash and let your cat walk around the house with it dragging behind. Make sure to supervise your cat while it is wearing the harness and leash to ensure it doesn't get tangled or caught on anything.

2. Gradually increase the length of the leash as your cat becomes more comfortable. Start with a short leash and gradually increase the length over time.

3. Take your cat outside for short walks in a quiet, enclosed area such as a backyard or park. Reward your cat with treats and positive reinforcement for good behavior.

4. Be patient and take things at your cat's own pace. Some cats may take to the leash quickly, while others may take longer.

Remember to always supervise your cat while it's on a leash, and never leave it unattended.