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Ultra secure, Easy-fit


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Do you wish your cat had more freedom to explore the world? Do you wish you could spend more precious time with your cat or kitten? Do you need a cat harness & leash that's convenient & easy to put on, yet strong & secure?

This specially designed cat harness has been made to help you and your cat get outdoors more and enjoy the world together. 

  • Latest technology &design

Safety is the number one priority:

  • Secure yet comfortable fit using a new design unlike any other cat harness to keep your kitty safe

  • Multiple adjustment points match the contours of your cat's natural posture to prevent break-outs

  • Extra strong materials that don't tear or split for an even more escape proof cat harness

  • Reflective high visibility strips help to keep your cat in sight in low-light conditions

  • Easy-fit cat harness

Easy-fit, comfortable & stress free design:

  • Super light & breathable material that doesn't feel bulky and cumbersome like other cat harnesses

  • Single click buckle means you only fasten one point to have the cat harness on in seconds

  • No pushing your cat's head through a small hole like many other cat harnesses which can increase stress

  • Customizable fit that hugs your cat's body so they are comfortable and don't have any pinching points


How do I fit the harness onto my cat?

It's the easiest cat harness ever!

Simply place your harness on the floor and put your cat's feet through the two holes. 

Then lift up the harness so it wraps around your cat's body and do up the clip. 

If you need to tighten the harness simply slide the size adjusters up or down as required to get a snug and comfortable fit.

Sizing & measurement details?

You should measure your cat around their chest just behind their front legs. 

Press down your cat's fur to get a true measurement of their body. 

The fit should be quit snug so that your cat won't wriggle out of the harness.

XX Small:  10 - 14 in

X Small:  14 - 18 in

Small:  18 - 21 in

Medium:  21 - 23 in

What if my cat hasn't used a harness before?
If your cat hasn't worn a harness before you can use these steps to get them familiar: 

Leave the harness in their sleeping area for a day or two. 
The first time you fit the harness give your cat some tasty treats, and let them wear the harness for just a couple of minutes (or longer if your cat is okay with it). 

The next day repeat the process but leave the harness on for longer than the last time. 
Repeat this process until your cat is comfortable with the harness.

Can I use the harness for other animals?

Yes, you could use the harness for a smaller sized dog for example. 

However Meow Safe harnesses have been specifically made to fit the shape of a cat so it may not be effective. 

What are the shipping times?

Our standard time for shipping is 5 - 10 business days within the U.S. Other countries may take longer depending on which location. We include FREE shipping for U.S locations for orders over $50! 

You will receive an email with tracking details once your order is shipped and the delivery company has updated their system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Shirlee A. (Erie, US)
XXS harness is way too big

The XXS is bigger than it states it is. I measured my kitten. I think once he's about 6 pounds it will fit him

Mohamed S.

Really good😊

Pierce G.


Arno M.

Very big but beautiful and strong 🙏

Jeremie B.

It has arrived before I expected and it is perfect

Fern W.