Cat netting DIY instructions

Step by step guide

Option 1: Simple method

Hang with basic hardware

You can easily use hardware like staples or cable ties to hang your netting, or screw a length of timber over the top to fasten into place. It's super easy to use because you can simply cut it to shape using scissors.

This is a fast and easy way to get your outdoor cat enclosure built using the cat net.  (Hardware not included with netting). 

Option 2: Advanced method


Watch the video

Planning & installing your dream catio is easy! Watch this quick video to learn how to get a professional finish that looks amazing from every angle. (Hardware not included with netting)

Step 1 - Add eyelets

These are the anchors for your catio netting. Place an eyelet at least every 3 feet. There are different types of eyelets for different surfaces: 

- Screw eyes for Wood 

- Expansion Eyebolts for Bricks & Concrete 

- Self drilling screws + Corner braces for Metal

Eyelets can easily be screwed in by drilling a pilot hole then placing a screwdriver through the eye and turning it.

Step 2 - Thread wire rope

Thread Wire rope through the eyelets and finish each length with a Wire rope clamp. Use a Turnbuckle at one end to tension the wire rope, each turnbuckle can tension a length up to 32 feet.

If your cat net is in a grass or dirt area you can secure Timber along the ground as an anchor point for the netting using fence staples.

Step 3 - Hang catio net

Measure the first piece of cat netting. Create a seam around the piece of net by folding back 1 row of mesh, then thread through the Edging rope. Trim away any excess netting with scissors.

Attach the edging rope to the wire rope using Hog rings & Hog ring pliers, or you can attach the edging rope directly to a fence or wood using Fence staples.

Use a minimum of 5 hog rings or fence staples for every 3 feet. Ensure the cat net is as taught as possible at all times.

Parts for Advanced method

1. Eyelet screws or bolts

Select eyelets for the surface you're fastening to:

a - Screw eyes for wood

b - Expansion eyebolts for bricks & concrete

c - Self drilling screws + corner braces for metal

2. Wire rope parts

Use all of the following items together for each length of wire rope:

- Wire rope (3/32 inch or thicker)

- Turnbuckle (at one end for tension)

- Wire rope clamp (to finish each length)

3. Edging rope

Create a seam around the outside of the netting.

- 3/16 inch or thicker weather resistant rope

Fold back 1 row of the catio netting then weave through the edging rope.

4. Hog rings

Clip the edging rope seam to the wire rope using Hog rings & Hog ring pliers. 

Use at least 5 hog rings for every 3 feet. 

(Alternatively you can use zip ties)

Fence staples

Another option is using fence staples to fasten the edging rope seam to wooden surfaces such as a fence to hang the cat netting for your catio. You can purchase the cat netting here.