The 11 most AMAZING latte art pieces ever made

May 14, 19
The 11 most AMAZING latte art pieces ever made

Is there anything that you’ve tried that looks easy but is totally the opposite? We were pulling some fresh coffees and accidentally managed to make something that looked kinda cool in our foam. So we thought “Pfff…. How hard can it be to do latte art?”.

Well over the next hour with many, many failed attempts, we discovered that it is much, much, much more difficult than it actually looks! Should have known better and left it to the professionals. We ended up with a heart that looked very unwell, a tulip that looked wilted & dying, and a swan that looked… errr…. like a pool of messy milk & coffee!

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the most amazing latte art pieces that are on the web right now…


Lion in your coffee mug

A striking amount of detail with the use of lines.

Lion in coffee mug

Image: Pinterest



Ghostly brew

Although it’s not technically difficult, this one wins points for originality.

 Ghost latte



Einstein - is coffee for intelligent people?

So while it’s not exactly scientifically proven that coffee makes you smarter, we can positively say that a cup of coffee certainly does help you think things over.

Einstein coffee latte

Image: Wikimedia



Peanuts gang

These guys are teaming up for some of the best latte art around.

Peanuts gang latte art

Image: Reddit



Rose coffee 

Simple but effective with clearly defined line work, Lee Kangbin is making several appearances.

Rose coffee

Image: Instagram @leekangbin91




The level of shading in this art is outstanding and paints a very realistic picture.

Cat coffee cup

Image: Twitter @dongurinekobei



The scream

Clearly replicating an artistic masterpiece.

The Scream

Image: Pinterest



Cat fishing in Koi pond

3D latte art takes things to the next level, where one cup can interact with another.

Cat, koi, coffee

Image: Pinterest




A fantastic likeness, Leo is drinking a coffee within a coffee. Hmmmm… we’re getting some inception vibes happening here.

Leo with coffee

Image: Instagram @leekangbin91




Tiger - a strong cappuccino? 

Another 3D latte art that brings the subject towards you from the cup.

Tiger strong cappuccino

Image - @periperipeng Instagram




The Starry night

A beautiful classic that has been replicated in amazing detail from the master Van Gogh.

The starry night coffee

Image: Instagram @leekangbin91


We hope you enjoyed this latte art as much as we did!