Clear Coffee!? 5 Crazy Coffee facts that you won’t believe!

May 03, 19
Clear Coffee!? 5 Crazy Coffee facts that you won’t believe!

I'm a big fan of chewing the fat around the water cooler (or at least over a freshly brewed cuppa). We were talking about how amazing it would be to have a coffee that didn't stain things - which goes doubly so for our teeth!

Well it turns out there is such a thing as clear coffee, but continuing further we realised that between us we know some really weird coffee facts that are almost stranger than fiction. And they were just the kinda thing to get us talking up a storm on a hump-day Wednesday when nothing out of the ordinary was happening....  


This coffee is clearly a bit different…

There are so many different ways to brew your coffee, and so many different ways to serve it. But there is one thing they all have in common – the colour! No matter how you make your brew every single coffee you make will be the same colour, which is, um, coffee colour.

But now two Slovakian brothers have invented a new kind of coffee different to all others because it is totally clear. Now we aren’t talking a little bit lighter but still murky, this is totally 100% won’t-stain-your-teeth kinda clear. Whoa amazing!

So how is this possible? Well the inventors of CLR CFF (brand name) are keeping this as a trade secret, saying they incorporate “methods which have never been used before”. But they do let us know there aren’t any chemicals involved – the recipe includes just high quality arabica beans and water. Hmmmm…… Interesting…….

So how do we get our hands on a bottle of CLR CFF to try it out? Well for now we will have to wait because it is only available in the UK – unless you want to make an excuse for a trip overseas? Sounds like a great idea to us!


Drinking coffee helps you to live longer (so you can drink more coffee)

Science is really cool, but it is even better when it tells you something you enjoy is actually good for you! So what is all this talk about coffee being good for you, and are they really magic beans?

Over recent years there have been several studies undertaken which seem to indicate that people who drink coffee are less likely to have health issues that affect their longevity

For example researchers at the University of Southampton (U.K.) found that people who drank between 3-4 cups of coffee per day were 10-15% less likely to have died during their 10 year study. While another study from Heinrich Heine-University in Düesseldorf suggests that caffeine may enhance the function of heart cells and protect them from damage.

Other studies suggest coffee could help prevent type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

BUT…. don’t overdo it because….


You can overdose on coffee!!!

Okay so we know that too much of anything isn’t a good idea, and the same goes for coffee. But what is the limit? Scientists say you would have to drink around 30 cups of coffee pretty much back to back to reach that level.

Having said that, we don’t advise testing the theory because everybody has different limits!


Not enough coffee? Let’s get divorced!

In ancient Arabia (Turkey), coffee was deemed an essential part of social culture. So much that if a husband failed to supply his wife with a sufficient amount of coffee, it was classified as legal grounds for divorce!

We believe that coffee shouldn’t be grounds for divorce, it should require a much more serious offence like snoring or chewing with your mouth open.


The most expensive coffee in the world is a load of #*!%

When it comes to the highest priced coffee (and probably therefore the rarest) it is made by elephants eating coffee cherries and pooping out the coffee beans. Wow, just when you thought these facts couldn’t any weirder, right?

So now that we know that people are paying huge amounts of money for animal poop, the elephant in the room is the price…. 1kg costs around AU $2,500.

Hmmmm… we figured we could put that towards something else like a new espresso machine. But each to their own, right? ;)